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The following guest reviews are submitted by guests after their stay at the Sleep Inn Denver Tech Center. These reviews are the opinions of the guest that reflect their experience at this property.

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Flag USA
March 27, 2024

"This is a good place at a good price ”

This is my second favorite place to stay in Denver. For what I need from a hotel, this is good if not great. The place is comfortable and the price is definitely right. I am trying not to drive the ratings up too high, that drives the price up too. My only thing... People, if you work in the construction trades, take your boots off before you walk into the room. Don t leave your road grease/construction gunk to stain the carpet. geesh. It s not the hotel s fault those things happen, but diligence in cleaning them up is.

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Flag USA
March 21, 2024


Very well maintained and run hotel. Convenient location. Good place for families, travelers, or anybody needing a nice peacefully getaway.

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